Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleoestepa Arbequina 250 ml

Arbequina monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, harvested early and cold extraction.

It has the certification of sustainable cultivation of Integrated Production and the high quality certified by the Protected Designation of Origin Estepa.

This product is available for purchase by the full case or bottles.

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Protected Designation of Origin Estepa Integrated production Kosher Early harvest Cold extraction High content of Vitamin E
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This product is available for purchase by the full case or bottles.
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Oleoestepa Arbequina

Thanks to the fact that this oil is early harvested, it is very fruity with hints of green and ripe olives. The aroma has notes of green almond, apple and ripe fruit. In the mouth it is sweet highlighting the character of the Arbequina variety, with very slight bitterness and spiciness.

This is a perfect oil to pair with anchovies, old cheese, fruit salads and for use in mayonnaise.

Its high quality gives it a high content of vitamin E. Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage.

This extra virgin olive oil is the result of agronomic and productive techniques that respect the environment, certified with the Integrated Production seal.

Its high quality is certified by the Estepa Designation of Origin, which has the most demanding quality requirements in the market.

For optimal preservation of the organoleptic properties of this extra virgin olive oil, we recommend preserving it in a cardboard box, away from light and preferably in cool places.

Available formats: 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml glass; 2,5 l and 5 l tin.

Barcode: 8422975004012

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Denominación de Origen Protegida Estepa

Estepa PDO Certification

The Regulatory Council of the Estepa Protected Designation of Origin establishes the highest quality requirements for of all the Denominations, guaranteeing the high quality of the protected oils.

Extracción en frío

Cold extraction.

The entire process used to extract the oil from fresh and healthy olives is carried out at a temperature below 27ºC, preserving its organoleptic properties.

Vitamina E

High vitamin E content.

Thanks to its excellent quality, rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal, this oil has a high vitamin E content which helps protect cells against oxidative damage.


Integrated Production

The system of agricultural techniques used in the cultivation of olive trees and production in the extraction of oil is respectful of the environment, and bears the Organic Production and Integrated Production Certificates.

Origen cooperativo

Cooperative origin

Oleoestepa is an extra virgin olive oil producing cooperative that brings together the efforts of 18 associated cooperatives and their over 6,500 olive growing families to sustainably produce the best extra virgin olive oil from more than 8 million olive trees.

Certificado Kosher

Kosher Certificate

This seal refers to foods that comply with the precepts of Jewish law.