Oleoestepa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L

Made from olives of the dominant variety in our Estepa region, this oil has a very fresh aroma, fruity green olives typical of our Hojiblanca variety. Its aroma is reminiscent of fresh grass, and green olive leaf flavour with hints of apple and artichoke. Very fresh yet delicate, with an elegant bitterness and spiciness.

This product is available for purchase by the full case or bottles.

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Protected Designation of Origin Estepa Integrated production Kosher Cold extraction High content of Vitamin E

En nuestra comarca de Estepa y Puente Genil el olivo más cultivado corresponde a la variedad Hojiblanca.

Son aceites excelentes en su análisis sensorial, frutados y ligeramente picantes y amargos. Tienen un inmejorable resultado en su uso en cocinas tanto para preparados en crudo como para guisos y frituras.

Esta variedad de aceite se envasa en diferentes formatos de plástico o PET para que obtenga la mejor calidad/precio.

El plástico o Pet es un envase más económico para el aceite de oliva virgen extra, y si cuidamos las condiciones de conservación del aceite de oliva virgen extra con este formato (protegiendolo de la luz y el aire), es una magnífica opción de compra. Normalmente se aconseja preservar estos envases en cajas de cartón, alejados de la luz y preferiblemente en lugares frescos. Oleoestepa cuenta con este tipo de envases para los tamaños de 5 l., 3 l. y 1 l.

Este aceite tiene un frutado que recuerda a la hierba fresca cortada y a manzana, que junto a las intensidades medias de los atributos picante y amargo, caracterizan a la variedad más importante de nuestro territorio.

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This product is available for purchase by the full case or bottles.
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Oleoestepa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In our region of Estepa and Puente Genil, the most common variety of olive tree is the Hojiblanca.

These olive oils achieve excellent sensory analysis results, fruity and slightly spicy and bitter. They are next to none for use in the kitchen, whether dressing salads and raw food, cooking stews or fried foods.

This variety of oil is packaged in different plastic formats as well as cans so that you get the best quality / price.

Plastic or Pet is a cheaper container for extra virgin olive oil, and as long as the right conditions of extra virgin olive oil are met with this format (protecting it from light and air), it is a magnificent purchase option. Normally it is advisable to keep plastic containers in cardboard boxes, away from light and preferably in cool places. This type of container comes in 5L, 3L and 1L sizes.

The oil has a fruity taste, reminiscent of fresh cut grass and apple, which, together with the mid-range intensities of its spiciness and bitterness attributes, are typical features of the leading variety grown in our territory.


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Extracción en frío

Cold extraction

The entire process used to extract the oil from fresh and healthy olives is carried out at a temperature below 27ºC, preserving its organoleptic properties.

Vitamina E

High vitamin E content

Thanks to its excellent quality, rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal, this oil has a high vitamin E content which helps protect cells against oxidative damage.

Denominación de Origen Protegida Estepa

Estepa PDO Certification

The Regulatory Council of the Estepa Protected Designation of Origin establishes the highest quality requirements for of all the Denominations, guaranteeing the high quality of the protected oils.


Integrated Production

The system of agricultural techniques used in the cultivation of olive trees and production in the extraction of oil is respectful of the environment, and bears the Organic Production and Integrated Production Certificates.

Origen cooperativo

Cooperative origin

Oleoestepa is an extra virgin olive oil producing cooperative that brings together the efforts of 18 associated cooperatives and their over 6,500 olive growing families to sustainably produce the best extra virgin olive oil from more than 8 million olive trees.

Mejor aceite según la OCU

Best oil in the Spanish market according to OCU

All the studies carried out by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) continue to rank Oleoestepa as the best extra virgin olive oil on the market (2002, 2007, 2012, 2018).